Welcome to Sobha Orchids

The Firm: Sobha Orchids is situated in Kanimangalam, the sub-urban of Thrissur district in Kerala, India. The firm is run by Mrs. Sobha Valsan who's hobby evolved into a successfull business. Sobha's passion for growing orchids lead to the conception of Sobha Orchids in 1992. With more than 17 years of experience the firm is well known among orchid hobbyists and commercial orchid & anthurium growers in India.

Our Goal: Sobha Orchids is dedicated to advancing horticulture and promoting good gardening. Our goal is to help people share a passion for Orchids and Anthuriums, to encourage excellence in commercial and hobby horticulture and inspire all those with an interest in gardening.

Education: In the course of time, Sobha Orchids team realized that education for beginners and orchid enthusiasts is the key for successful propagation and commercial horticulture. Since then we have focused on education as one of our main goals.

Innovation: Sobha Orchids have experimented a wide range of products to assist orchid cultivation and business in all types of climatic conditions in India. You can receive advice regarding a wide range of topics from humidity trays to wide spectrum orchid lights. Please use advice@sobhaflowers.com to email regarding the same.

Orchid Village: Orchid Village is an initiative to support small and medium size orchid farms and businesses. Please see the membership page for details or write to village@sobhaflowers.com

Affordability: We are commited to orchids and anthuriums commercial horticulture and floriculture. Using a combination of home grown, imported, and plants from our 'Orchids Village' members we are able to provide the most competant rates in the country for small and medium-size businesses and customers.

The Website: Even if you know nothing about orchids you will enjoy browsing this website. The site is designed to share the hobby and science of cultivating orchids and anthuriums. The site is best viewed by broadband. You will benefit from the best orchid pictures available on the internet. The site is constantly being updated. Please visit again.