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Sobha Orchids Visit

A vibrant orchid collection and a friendly business attitude attracts a large number of national and international visitors to Sobha Orchids.

Orchid cultivation is not as difficult as one assumes. Most of our customers have had the benefit of learning to simplify orchid culture. Free orchid education continues to be our commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (Sobha Valsan answers the following questions asked by customers)

Why do people need orchid education? Most businesses fail to train their customers. This often results in delays in flowering time and even death of the plant. The beginners are easily discouraged from pursuing their passion or business interests for the same reason. Orchids are easy to look after plants and with basic or advanced training Sobha Orchids customers are always a step ahead.

How do you afford providing free education? I would ask, why can't any business afford free education? We do not 'copyright' wisdom at Sobha Orchids. We are committed not to charge any fee for education. We receive calls/emails offering to pay for training. Many think it is a good way to manage and limit your work load. However I insist that charging for education is not compatable with our business ethics.

I love your website but I am disappointed that it is not updated at times? I hear this all the time. My sincere apologies. I would like the site to have daily article updates as much as you do. However, the site is prepared in the UK and hosted in the US. All the contents are custom prepared by orchid experts and not by web-designers who has no clue about orchids. This helps to maintain the quality. All the photos are from the Sobha Orchids. With the philosophy of free education, it is sometimes a struggle to book in experts. We are working on this. Meanwhile please go through 100s of materials on the website.

How do you manage appointments? We require phone or email appointment bookings to facilitate your learning and business. This gives you much relaxed time with the Sobha Orchids staff. Most of the time you will be able to meet me in person to discuss your needs. This is however not possible when I am on a personal or business trip. However we have trained staff to help with the business. Hence appointments are mandatory.

When is the best time to visit your firm? Well, this depends on your needs. E.g. More plants with flowers are available by late January untill April. Due to the increasing demand I am unable to predict a best time to visit. Please phone me to discuss this from time to time. In 2012 we are conducting 3 flowershows at Sobha Orchids, of course not during the monsoon. The dates will be published on the website.

Why do you not advertise on the TV or newspaper etc? Well wishers frequently ask this question. I do not think advertisement is necessary for Sobha Orchds. We have always had a healthy business without Ads. I use the money that I save from Ads to introduce new orchids in India. Happy customers spread the word for us. I believe in nature and good things often follows the right action.

More of such questions will be answered by Sobha Valsan as we go along.