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An orchid garden will rejuvenate you and bring the positive energy that is vital for today's tiring adult life. A place like this will reverse your age and provide an excellent exercise for your mind and body at the same time.


Baby Model: Lakshya pose natural in the orchid garden. She showed enough motivation to hang around orchids, work for them, enjoy, educate herself and probably wished to take them home with her!

Keep on learning. Never let your brain be idle. Orchids provide an amazing opportunity for continuous learning as they are numerous and have their own personalities. Gardening can keep you young and fit and even protect your brain in the old age.

Surround yourself with what you love and make it a habbit to laugh. We have met people in India who are interested in gardening but could not find time. This is often seen in developing countries and hence we advise a balance of work and fun.

Spiritual dimensions are equally appealing. The feeling of oneness with the world is pleasant for people who have learned to experience it. We believe that plants can link people and societies. It can take time for people to develop one's own awareness, their deep seated values and interests and their ability to love selflessly and hence arrive at an absolute harmony with the nature.

Go green and fulfil. What if you could do a successful home based business and earn from home, be around what you love, educate your interests, keep healthy, be spiritual and balance your life and still protect the environment by being Green? Sounds like a dream come true! Sobha Orchids are committed to the same and will continue its efforts.