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Quality Orchids or Cheap Orchids?



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Jan 01, 2011

Where do cheap orchids come from?
Cheap orchids mostly come from amatuer hybridizers and orchid producers. Many of the inferior crosses are marketed via the back door as 'cheap orchids'. Some are even sold on large scale in auctions. These crosses would then lower the overall quality of orchids of uncertain parentage and poor quality. Some major orchid producers have used the developing markets to sell the failed and unhealthy produce as 'cheap orchids'.

Profit vs. Reputation
Sobha Orchids team relies on expert assessment of the quality of the species, the parentage and the health of the breeds, the size and the frequency of the blooms and tolerability to Indian conditions. We proudly partners some of the the best orchid producers in 9 countries.

Be sure to check the sellers reputation before you purchase and avoid the undesirable orchids.

Good quality Dendrobium


" Orchids are like anything else, you pay for quality'

Good Quality Oncidiums

What are the drawbacks of poor quality orchids?
Inexpensive orchids are often of poor quality or small specimens which will take years to grow and bloom. They can be of questionable parentage and genetically unhealthy. Some of the non-hydridised species or wild varieties have poor tolerance to climate fluctuations. The frequency of blooming is the other criteria which could be compromised in poor breeds.

Experimental specimens
Many orchid producers grow new and different species and hybrids of a variety of orchids. Plants which are not a perfect fit for the condtions are purchased or sold at a discount rate. Inexpensive plants are good for experimental growers.

Seedlings & Small Plants
Many of the seedlings and small plants are best avoided as it can take a few years to bloom. If it is bought from 'cheap traders', there is no guarantee that they will bloom.

Sobha Orchids, have always encouraged customers to buy blooming size plants or plants in bloom for the same reason. We sell seedlings, only when the quality is assessed and acquired from reliable sources, who also sell orchids in bloom for the same varieties.

Sobha Orchids are determined to present the highest quality plants this season of flower shows. We value the principles of social responsibility and will focus on education in this new year, 2011. Happy New Year