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Date: 11/12/2009

ASCOCENDA  'Viboon Velvet'

Ascocenda, abbreviated as Ascda in the hybrid orchid genus resulting from a cross between Ascocentrum and Vanda

Origin: Thailand, Myanmar, India and the Philippines.

They are evergreen compact epiphytes with an uprigh, narrow, oviform leaves. The inflorescence is a cluster with 6 to 8 flowers. They bloom 2-3 times a year with long lasting flowers. The flowers are brightly colored, often overlaid with contrasting colors. The colour spectrum on Ascocendaorchids is quite wide and can include pinks, browns, blues, purple, orange, scarlet and even deep fuchsia shades

Ascocenda typically produce smaller flowers than Vanda. Ascocenda orchids prefer full sun exposure and bright light with warm temperatures and high humidity levels. These orchids are all epiphytic and sympodial in their growth habit. To this end they sport long trailing roots that are capable of drawing nutrients and the required moisture from the atmosphere.



Photo: ASCOCENDA  'Viboon Velvet'

Temperature: Prefer warm temperatures with plenty of air movement. 20-32 Deg Cel will be an ideal temperature for Ascocenda. They go to a dormant stage in very cold temperatures but is resilient to upto 15 Deg Cel.

Light: Requires bright light. 20-30% Shade nets will be fine in Indian conditions

Humidity: 50% or higher. Less watering required in humid conditions.

Water: They do not have psedobulbs and needs good, constant watering. It should be allowed to dry out completely before watering similar to the Phalaenopsis.

Pests: Very resistant to pests and diseases.

Potting: Well maintained in 'baskets' hanging and on 'rafts'. The roots should be able to wander freely.

Fertilizer: High Nitrogen: Phospherous: Pottassium (NPK)= 30:10:10 ideal mix.


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