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Date: 23/12/2009

CALANTHE 'Rosea pink'

This orchid originates from Thailand and Southeast Asia. The pseudobulbs bear up to 15-18" long thin pleated leaves and produce 18-24" spikes of beautiful pink sepals and petals, with a lip with lighter and darker shades. This orchid is easy to grow and flower in Indian conditions.

Temperature: This plant tolerates intermediate temperatures, but will be fine in hot summers as long as the humidity is high. Temperature ranges from 22-30 Deg Cel is well tolerated. Cold nights of upto 15 Deg Cen is ideal. The cooler end promotes flowering and prolongs the life of flowers.



Photo:CALANTHE 'Rosea pink'

Light: This plant prefers low to medium light. This is pretty much 'Cattleya conditions'

Humidity: Humidity of 50-80% is required for this plant. Higher the better. Look for spider mites or white spots under the leaves and flush them with water. Misting useful in dry conditions.

Water: The plants need lots of moisture due to the thin hair in the roots and small leaves. They can be grown in coconut fibre, bark mixes, or anything where air and water is abundant. Water when near to dryness, but never let it is completely dry. The leaves normally fall off after flowering. Water if the pseudobulb shrinks too much. When you see new groth increase watering and fertilizing.

Potting: Repot when leaves fall off as it is the dormant period. Additional pseudobulbs will be formed which will eventually flower.

Fertilizer: Nitrogen: Phospherous: Pottassium (NPK)= 20:10:20 ideal mix. Frequent fertilizing necessary.

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