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Date: 15/12/2009

COLMANARA 'Wildcat, Yellow Butterfly' 'Carmela'

This intergeneric hybrid is a cross between two other hybrids; Odontonia (Miltonia x Odontoglossum) and Odontocidium (Oncidium x Odontoglossum)

They are easy to cultivate, have long lasting flowers, could tolerate large temperature ranges, and have multiple blooming times. Colmanara hybrids will produce flower spikes two or three times a year with very long inflorescence with many blooms as they produce new growth.

The colors range from yellow, burgundy, mahogany with bars and stripes, and other solid colors.

These orchids are similar to Oncidiums but requires a little less light.



Photo: COLMANARA 'Wildcat, Yellow Butterfly'

Temperature: 20-32 Deg Cel will be an ideal temperature for Colmanara during the day time. A temperature drop is good as can be as low as 12 -18 Dec Cel. You can see that these plants have wide range of temperature tolerance

Light: These are low to medium light requirung plants. Keep in shade during summer. Requires lesser light than Oncidiums. If you see black spots on the leaves, especially the tips, you may need to reduce the light.

Humidity: 50-60% or higher. Morning misting is a useful way to do it.

Water: Misting, but make sure that leaves are dry by the evening. Allow to dry out between watering.

Potting: Tree bark and Charcoal are good medium. Repotting every 2 years preferably in spring. Use larger pots to allow 2 years growth.

Fertilizer: High Nitrogen: Phospherous: Pottassium (NPK)= 10:10:10 or less is an ideal mix.


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