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Oct 08, 2010

Dendrobium Phyllida:

Den Phyllida has a large round violet lip with pointed sepals and petals. This orchid is very much in demand as it stands out from other dendrobs.

Orchids are not delicate, hard to grow plants that some people think they're. They are relatively easy to grow even without the greenhouse. We buy orchids for various reasons. Most of the people buy orchids to get them to bloom. Conditions needed to grow the orchids may not be the same as the conditions needed for blooming.

The following notes are worth considering prior to buying and growing orchid plants.

Before you buy an orchid you need to know why you chose to do so. Most of the people would like to see the orchids bloom frequently.


Dendrobium phyllida

Photo: Dendrobium Phylida

Buy a healthy looking orchid plant each month of the year. This will be useful because most of the orchids bloom at the same time each year. Big and healthy plants are very likely to flower than stressed ones. If you wish to grow orchids, the seedling size or the medium-size orchids are cheaper options. It is always good to have a flowering orchid of each variety. It is also good to have various genus and species of orchids to make sure that there are flowers throughout the year.

If you want the orchids to bloom they need good sunlight. Orchids can grow in much less light conditions, this does not mean that there will bloom. The leaves should be a grassy green or light green colour, to indicate appropriate sunlight. Make sure that there is good facility for watering the orchids at least twice a week depending on the climatic conditions. Fertilisation is important along with good water supply for early blooming. Fertilisation needs to be done weekly, fortnightly or at least once a month.

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